Yoga is a 2000 year-old tradition that combines asanas or postures with focused breathing and mindfulness. It has the power to connect your mind and body while balancing relaxation with physical exertion. 

Physiotherapy is a common form of rehabilitation medicine used for treating physical injuries, impairments and disabilities with the goal of restoring optimal function. Physical therapists perform thorough evaluations and design customized treatment programs, which are typically comprised of therapeutic exercises, hands-on techniques and other treatment modalities. 

As a trained yoga instructor and physiotherapist, I often find the best path to rehabilitation is through a combination of the two mediums, what I call YogainfusedPhysiotherapy.

YogainfusedPhysiotherapy is an innovative healing strategy that combines the hands-on qualities of a skilled physiotherapist with the holistic movement therapy of yoga to provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to healing and continued healthy living.